Microwave And Combo Oven Repair

technician standing in front of built-in microwave oven

It can be quite frustrating when suddenly one of your kitchen appliance stop working. From heating the food in seconds to making fresh popcorn for your movie night, the microwave has become a vital part of our kitchen. Almost every home is equipped with a microwave nowadays, and people are using them in the workplace as well to heat their food when they are short of time.

To keep the appliances in optimal condition, we need to take care of them by using correctly and getting them checked up by a professional once in a while. Fuse Appliance Repair is a well-known name when it comes to fixing kitchen appliances. We can take care of a small fault to a significant problem with your microwave in a quick and effective manner.

Common Faults in Microwave

The microwave produces microwave radiations to heat the food, and it all happens through electricity. Any minor or major fault can stop this process, but before you stress out too much or panic, here are some useful tips for you to try. Who knows? It might work again.

Give Us a Call

There are some issues with the microwave which can not be dealt with by everybody, and that is where you need to call Fuse Appliance Repair. Look out for the following signs, and if you notice any of it, give us a call.

Microwave is not Working/Working Incorrectly

If you have found out by following the tips mentioned above that a faulty socket is behind all the trouble, then call us, we can replace the outlet in no time.

Turntable not Rotating

When the turntable is not moving, the carousel might not be aligned. Other factors are the faulty tray motor or the worn-out broken turntable. This microwave problem can only be solved by a professional and microwave repair specialist.

Sparks in Microwave

When you see sparks in the microwave, it is likely to be triggered when you place foil or cookware in the device, or when food ignites or splatters or when a faulty stirrer creates heat in one section of the device. Our microwave repair service will fix this problem for you.

Other Problems

Why Call Us

Fuse Appliance Repair has been fixing microwaves for many years and holds a lot of experience to deal with any kind of issue. We have fixed over the range microwave or combo units oven/microwave. Whether it is a small fixing problem or replacing damaged parts, you can rely on us for a quick and reliable job.