How much does appliance repair cost in Seattle and surrounding areas.

(our service area includes Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Kenmore, etc)

We provide flat prices for appliance repair upfront, after diagnostic. The final cost of repair depends on a lot of factors. The average price depends on the type of appliance (like washer, dryer, range, dishwasher, etc) $165-$280.


Service Call Fee – old price $100 – new price – $85

We will not charge you for labor if the problem will be just with circuit breakers, lost power, a damaged power outlet, clogged sewerage and etc.

Minimum Labor Fee – $165 if you will decide to fix. 

Average prices for appliance repair without parts, discounts, and coupons:

Refrigerator Repair Cost Labor – $165-1800

Dryer Repair – $165-425

Dryer Air Duct Installation – $165 (parts included)

Washer Repair – $165-425

Oven\Range\Stove Repair – $165-785

Microwave Repair – $165-495

Furnace Repair – $195-unlimited

Air-conditioner – $195-unlimited

Thermostat (Nest, Ecobee3, Honeywell) Installation – $165-265 per one (depend on the problem/wires/burned fuse or etc.).

Water Heater Repair- $165-495

Fireplace Repair – $165-unlimited

Sometimes repair requires two-three technicians +$85 each tech per hour (minimum of 2 hours each tech).

Works higher on 3 1/2 ft will be cost you 1.5 coefficient of charge.

In 70-80% of cases, as a rule, the breakdown is insignificant and the charge will be about $165-195

Commercial Appliances:

Service Call Fee – old price $110 – new price – $85

Minimum Labor Fee – $285 if you will decide to fix. 

Labor price depends on by suffering score of repair.

* Discounts don’t cover installations.